Ladies Day at Taunton Racecourse.

Fun!  A chance to meet some new and old customers whilst inspecting the sartorial style of the Ladies and Gentlemen patronising our local racecourse.  It was a lovely opportunity to get out of the shop and sport the wares alfresco.  A hastily bought gazebo and a smart new banner (both erected by Jules) secured our pitch and the rain held off for an exciting days trading and racing;



Met some lovely people with a few spurious betting tips.. my preferred method was to select the horse which looked a bit mad and unpredictable, which, with hindsight, is no way to win money!  My first horse got pulled up 2 seconds into the race, my second bet on a horse was an each way bet (unfortunately I didn’t check the odds, and even if it had won, I would still have lost money!  My final flutter was on a rank outsider who came in last, and I subsequently learnt that it was unusual for him to ever actually finish a race……

And here’s me looking a bit ‘Pippa Middleton’ with my faux fur band….  I started off the day wearing a straw hat, progressed onto a check tweed baker boy, then a khaki felt, and , as the sun left us and the cold evening arrived, ended up in fur.  There was a competition for the best hat and the best dressed lady, but the unpredictable weather had some in coats and macs, some in teeny dresses and high heels, and some in stout tweeds.  I was impressed by the brave ladies who sported smart summer day-wear and hats, but felt for them in the chilly air.A great day out and am hoping Jules and I will be able to make Wincanton Ladies Day on 14th May.

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