Well…. I’ve come into the modern world now.. check out my instagram @lisa_burrows_hats.

That said, I’ll be using that for updates from now on….


Well it’s all very exciting for me as I’ve now found a studio at New Brewery Arts in the centre of Cirencester… so I’ve been working hard to fill it up with new stock in gorgeous neon summer colours. It’s light and spacious with plenty of display area and It’s a joy to have the room to work on several pieces at the same time. I’m also enjoying being in the centre of a busy, important town with lots of footfall and some very seductive shoe and clothes shops to hand. New Brewery Arts is a charity that has renovated the old brewery building which now accommodates a shop offering handmade quality goods and a few open studios (like mine) where people are invited to come in and view the making/designing processes available. My peers here do stained glass, jewellery, hand-blown glass and painting. New Brewery Arts also offer many varied art and craft courses and exhibitions in the gallery, and there is a great cafe and a youth hostel attached. It’s all a big change for me and I’m really enjoying being in a dedicated arts and crafts space, getting to know a new town and making some new friends…..

I’ll post some more images as I get settled in and work out how to properly inhabit my new surroundings…..

A Proactive Start to 2023!

It’s been an unsettled few years for me personally and professionally but, thankfully, there has been an increasing stream of business and a continuing creativity in action! The small, but friendly studio, is now becoming too small for the stock and to have comfortable appointments and fittings so I’m currently searching for new premises to move in to… and I’ll update when I can. I’m currently working on new clean designs with presence and form using fur felts and silks, and planning a straw range… colours bold and contrasting…. It’s a great way to get through the winter months envisaging the outfits and events coming up this year and expressing my hopes for a great year in 3d form… I always miss millinery in the ‘off season’ and can’t wait for things to get back to where they should be! I find that inspiration walks in through the door with each customer.

New Starts!

Well, it is starting to feel like the chains of covid restrictions are lifting and we can finally go out and celebrate once again…. It’s been a difficult couple of years for so many of us and personally, I’ve really missed being involved with millinery. But, I’ve been busy getting ready for when things do pick-up and have remained optimistic (mostly!) throughout. I’ve been lucky to have a studio in which to be creative and have had a small amount of custom – so I count myself lucky. Additionally I am pleased to be featured in this months Wotton Times! New places, people, designs and ideas – 2022 is starting to shape up well!

Less is More

Well, what can I say, it’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to post anything and please, allow for unprofessional photography (!). Life circumstances forced a move and then covid hit so it’s been a little quiet on the millinery front, but things are proceeding nicely now. A new studio in Wotton-under-Edge, some lovely customers and new blocks. I’m really enjoying the ‘less is more’ approach – the design is the most time consuming thing and making is the pleasure of seeing it come to life. Not all of them come out well but I am wholly pleased with the simplicity and drama of this one. I’ve used a boot weight leather (a homage to Elsa Schiaperalli) which I left blocking for several days to harden and lightly attached it to this sharp little fur felt beret.