How it Works!

With almost thirty years of millinery experience in design, construction and teaching, I am able to offer a relaxed, innovative (and often humorous) approach to finding the right compliment to your style and outfit.  A good hat, like a good outfit, should bring confidence and joy.  I like to work on individual styles and often in an elegant and understated way to match your ideas and my experience.  Sometimes less is more. 

After 20 successful years in Taunton I now work from a spacious and well-equipped studio at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester.   You’ll find me there with samples for trying on, and busy doing all the dyeing, designing and construction on the premises.  I work in traditional materials (as I was taught many years ago) and like to keep up to date by exploring and developing new ways to make three dimensional shapes from whatever is available!  For me, millinery is about visualising the right accompaniment for you and your outfit in an harmonious balance and, above all, it needs to be beautiful and comfortable!

had  I have hatted hundreds of people and have many, many fun adventures doing so… and yours will be a different  story – inspiration comes with each new person because we are all the same in that we are unique.  If any of the above sounds like what you are looking for please just give me a ring on 07976938197 or email me at for a chat.