Royal Ascot 2013

Well, it’s been a slow start this year but finally and convincingly picked up, not least with the rush for suitable race-going headwear.  Last year bought many orders of the same type of hat, namely the disc sporting spines, merry widow spot veiling, silk blooms et al, in all manner of sizes and frivolity.  This year I have had a many and varied menu from 1940’s cocktail perchers to large picture hats adorned with delicate ruched pinok-pok.  I am liking big springy brims in just two layers of straw which give a lovely light frame to the face, and a relaxed, not structured feel.  I am thankful not to be making quite so many silk flowers, more getting drama from sculptural structures and simple trims, taking the outfit up onto the head in a gentle flow.

Saying this, I was pleased to see that the Daily Mail on-line had selected an image showing a mother and daughter who I had hatted last week.  Although not chosen for the striking headwear that some photos are, I am pleased that the words ‘neatly-dressed’ were used in the caption.  I am not a girl for bling or one-upmanship, rather, I hope, a gently humorous, English and elegant tastefulness!

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