Almost a year later……

Overdue for a catchup here but it’s been exceptionally busy.  The new shop looks amazing thanks to some hard work by the builders and decorators and the building has been completely re-pointed so hopefully no more leaks, and a sturdy structure for many more years… oh, and a bit of ‘controversial’ yellow paint!


That’s it for scaffolding for a while!  The shop inside;


Now I’m done with choosing light-fittings and carpets it’s a relief to start a new season off with just millinery on my mind.  I’m keeping some of my classic pieces but also busy designing some new friends using a less structured approach.  I’m bored with stiffened sinamay so am using unstiffened pinok pok, ruching, elastic and draping to see what effects I can achieve… hoping for diaphonous elegance with a modern touch.  ‘Vintage’ and ‘Retro’ are two of the most overused words now and whilst it is not difficult to recreate some of the old classic looks, I find it is fairly acheivable and have encouraged some customers to scour the charity shops and have a go themselves.  I am looking for something more modern, and at least as flattering.  I just hope no-one else brings me in a picture of Audrey Hepburn and asks me to re-create the hat……. lets be more adventurous!  Photos soon when I am happy with the new pieces!

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