Upping The Game with Bridget Bailey

Well, after a year of focusing on building renovations I felt my mind had been somewhat off the ball as far a millinery was concerned so I booked myself in for a Millinery Masterclass with the superbly talented Bridget Bailey of Bailey Tomlin Hats (Baileytomlin.com).  Bridget is known for her finely crafted pieces and excellent eye for colour; lilybumblebeeBB

She made this ‘Lily and Bumblebee’!


Bridget was a very patient teacher and showed me many techniques.  Visiting her studio was like being in mine, it was affirming to see someone else use fabrics and dyes in the way I do.  I never get to meet other milliners or see how they work as there are so few of us around.

Bridget has had a long career in millinery and now does alot of teaching as well as bespoke commissions.  I love the detailed way in which she approaches things but am trying to balance that with keeping a showroom well stocked and, providing a bespoke service that is not exorbitantly expensive, but I have been indulging in taking a whole day on one flower because it is just so satisfying!

Below are some pictures below of our day, Bridget, and my efforts in the last week buzzing off the new learning.  Learning is great, never get complacent!

bbt bbt4 bbt3 bbt5 green-buton greenbuton2

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