April 26th; 30’s Turbans and 70’s Bohemia

Well, so no Royal Weddings this year (yet) but lots of ladies wanting to ‘dress up smart’ for their sons & daughters’ weddings.  I am guided by the customers and choice of outfits, and a quick glance around the showroom today told me that my styles have changed dramatically in the past couple of years. 

No longer the stately ‘Queen Mother’ squarish crown and small brim adorned with curled sinamay and a few feathers, long gone the days of huge coloured lumps of straw worn either because they happen to be the exact colour of the shoes and bag, or else as something to hide under, no more tiny feather headbands as a half-hearted apololgy for not wearing something with at least a nod towards a design…. I always did feel a little ambivalent towards the ‘bunch of ostrich feathers fascinator’, as I feel, did many of the husbands of wives sporting them! 

Millinery has come far recently with many new milliners driving the creative wave, and many new courses and places to study the craft.  Creativity with one’s look can be daunting, but it is wise to positively choose something than wear it ‘because one is expected to’; if it doesn’t make you feel, and look, amazing then there seems little point.

A good design works with the features and outfit and enhances the overall look, does not look out of place, but also says something about the wearer.   It is often the case that it is not difficult to come up with a choice of designs that suit the wearer, the outfit, and are appropriate for the occasion, but is more difficult to have the customer feel relaxed and comfortable in one of them;  Please note that wearing something small (see little feather fascinators) just because you may feel it is not so noticable, can draw more unwelcome attention because your overall look will not be in balance.

Apologies for no new pictures, but planning a photo shoot as soon as the new gentlemen’s hats arrive.  My gallery is not really representative of the full range, however it is always best to come in and have fun trying on the samples, which is what they are for, rather than try and envisage yourself in one from a photograph!

There has been recent creative progress in the development of the toque/turban (reminiscent of the 30’s), and large unconstructed shapes suitable for weraing with more diaphanous outfits and maxi-dresses (70’s)…………  I find there is always room for new derivations of classic and modern styles…… photos soon!

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