Stephen Jones

What a wonderful experience it was to meet my millinery hero Stephen Jones last week.  I went to a talk at the Dirty Martini cocktail bar in Monument, London as part of the London Hat Week.  The talk was an informal chat between Hilary Alexander (former fashion editor of The Daily Telegraph, amongst other things), […]

Doing my bit……

My business is based in Taunton, county town of Somerset.  It is a fairly large town with a sprawling shopping area that has evolved rather than been designed with any identifiable centre, and, as with most towns now, has a fair amount of empty, ugly, dated buildings no longer fit for the large shops that […]

Sneaky peek…

Having spent the last two months flat-out on some new designs I was excited to deliver them to the photographer David Leyland today and get them photographed….. unfortunately my IT Dept (boyfriend) is away at music school for the week and so cannot update the site for me, although he does just about trust me […]

Upping The Game with Bridget Bailey

Well, after a year of focusing on building renovations I felt my mind had been somewhat off the ball as far a millinery was concerned so I booked myself in for a Millinery Masterclass with the superbly talented Bridget Bailey of Bailey Tomlin Hats (  Bridget is known for her finely crafted pieces and excellent […]

Almost a year later……

Overdue for a catchup here but it’s been exceptionally busy.  The new shop looks amazing thanks to some hard work by the builders and decorators and the building has been completely re-pointed so hopefully no more leaks, and a sturdy structure for many more years… oh, and a bit of ‘controversial’ yellow paint! That’s it […]

The move! 20/21 Bath Place….

Yep, been very quiet recently as have been busy concentrating on moving my business from one side of Taunton to the other.  After having leased business premises for the last twelve years the option to actually acquire a premises came up about six months ago.  It has been a fairly evenly balanced decision between head […]

Appearance in The Royal Albert Hall!

I was thrilled to be asked by the soprano Elizabeth Watts to come up with something for her to wear at The Last Night of the Proms.  She was singing solo soprano in the song ‘Taillefer’ by Richard Strauss.  Taillefer was a minstrel at The Battle of Hastings, and Liz asked me for an arrow, […]

Who wants to be a Milliner?! A few more images……

This is a great picture from David at                                     And a few images from Nick at                                         […]

Who Wants to be a Milliner? Winner!!

I was lucky enough to be asked to compete in an event at Cheltenham Fashion Week recently.  It was a very glitzy evening in which I and two other milliners had to make a hat on stage in front of an audience.  We also had beautifully made-up and coiffured models to wear our hats in […]

Bespoke Hat Blocks… DIY!

I have over a hundred hat blocks accumulated over the last twenty years from various sources and I love each and every one of them!  All of them have a story. Some from retired milliners, some passed on to me by the families of long-ago milliners, some I have commissioned and had made, and a […]