About Lisa

Round or Square
Or tall or flat,
People love
To wear a hat

By William Jay Smith b.1918

Welcome to L H Burrows Hats

L H Burrows Hats have been in Taunton since 2003 and have now occupy 20/21 Bath Place.  Please note the premises shown in the photos on this website has changed, as of October 2016 I moved out of this shop and into a more intimate  showroom and studio upstairs as I found it impossible to be a shopkeeper and milliner simultaneously, but have kept the photos to showcase my work).   I am more than happy to show you samples of my work, please just call/text and make an appointment, and if you would like to bring your outfit and have a try-on, do! it can be very helpful.
My approach to hatting you is a creative one – very often there are several styles which may look fantastic, however if you are not comfortable, or feel they are not suitable for the occasion, then there is little point in trying to make the cap fit.
The hat does not stand alone- it is a part of your overall top-to-toe look and it is best designed or chosen with your outfit on (or something similar if it is still at the dressmakers), as the shape is just as important as the colour.
Colour and size is never a problem as everything is dyed and constructed on the premises. I work in the traditional way with felts, straws, feathers, veiling etc and hope to bring classic styles alongside contemporary ones, I have lots of pictures and books if you need some inspiration and of course, many samples to have fun with.
Millinery is not about high fashion, more about style and elegance, and it can be lovely to recreate a vintage or modern look to your personal taste. I am happy to incorporate your own ideas, fabrics or trims into pieces to personalise them.
A favourite period of mine is the 30’s with opulent turbans inspired by trade with India, I am still trying to perfect the complex construction of these!
I have been in millinery for over 20 years. I was trained by a milliner of 50 yrs experience and have also attended (and taught!) various millinery courses. I also give talks on the subject whilst understanding that not everyone finds the history of millinery quite as exciting as I do!
Please look at the blog for updated information and pictures.
Normal opening times;
I generally work by appointment, however if you are passing, you  are more than welcome to pop in to have a look!
I try to be in most days but am happy to make appointments for evenings and weekends as I know we all have busy lives these days!  It is not uncommon to be working every day ‘til late in the Spring/Summer and less in the Winter. Conveniently located in central Taunton in Bath Place, look for the big white double doors and come on in…..
Prices; Naturally, these vary but a good guide is between £150 and £350.  The price includes as many visits as it takes to get it right; I will not send anyone away uncomfortable with their headwear! stitching