24 February 2012

Well, well, well, L H Burrows Hats is now in it’s ninth year of business in Taunton, and it seems timely to have a fresh, sparkly new website and also to branch out a little.    I have relaxed my strict criteria somewhat, this is either called ‘moving with the times’ or just getting older and wiser.   The mainstay of business is still special occasion bespoke millinery, and the showroom is continually being reinvented with the latest styles that I create, usually inspired by the people that I meet.  Iam really enjoying a (personal) revival of what may be termed ‘Fifties Housewife’ styles;  I like to make a ‘holding structure’, not too large, and dress it with flowers, wired ribbon and sumptuous bows, merry widow spot veiling and pretty much anything else it can stand whilst retaining structural integrity.  Why manage a large straw,when a small piece, which will frame and enhance the face (instead of hiding it) can be so attractive?  Photos to come as soon as a sunny day allows! 

Branching Out

We are currently awaiting with huge excitement the arrival, from Christys’ Hats, of a range of gentleman’s hats which has been selected and will be managed by the terminally sartorial Jules Bushell, and will provide a selection of classic headwear for gentlemen of all ages.  Hopefully this will also address social inclusion; Thus far at their partner’s fittings, gentlemen have been relegated to varying levels of consultation, and have been largely humoured or ignored (in my experience, anything reminescent of Audrey Hepburn is the ideal mens choice for their beloved).   Now, however, the gentleman will have the choice either to involve himself in the choosing of his partners hat, or indulge his own vanity, whether his partner is a lady or a man! 

I have also been enjoying some theatrical endeavours for my local theatre; The Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre in Taunton.  I work here some evenings as part of the front of house team and love being part of the creative buzz and drama that goes with live shows.  A few pictures on this site show our in-house productions of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ and ‘Alice’, which I was lucky enough to be able to make some headwear for.  I also made little fly agaric mushrooms topped with blue caterpillars and mini playing-card top hats for the box office staff and the front of house team to wear throughout the run… Fun!!

And also I have been making sample pieces to accompany Sassi Holford’s new venture into special occasion wear (alongside her beautiful, classic wedding dresses), which is now accommodated upstairs in her Taunton shop.

Right, there is more, but I think the inclusion of some photographs would be timely, fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow!

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